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  • Bones


    The dog chocolate glazed wonder cake. All its ingredients are suitable for animal consumption. A special chocolate glaze is made especially for dogs. Our dogs tasted it too! :)

    Order the cake at least 5-7 days before the desired receipt.
    If you want to pick up the finished cake in a shorter time, be sure to contact us by phone before ordering: +36 70 360 5891

    • Quality food

      All our cookies are made from nutritious, healthy ingredients specifically for dogs. It is made with the best ingredients and we even undertake to make a cake that meets special needs.

    • Ingredients

      Ha kutyusod különleges diétán van, kérjük vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot, hogy a megfelelő alapanyagok felhasználásával készítsük el tortáját.
      A pontos összetevőket megtalálod a "Választható ízek" menüpont alatt.

    • Order and delivery

      You can even place your order by phone, so we will help you choose.
      Currently, only personal collection is possible at a pre-arranged time. Place of receipt: 1173 Budapest, Pesti út 19.

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